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My Segway Experience at Camp Hill By Jemima and Immy

My Segway Experience at Camp Hill

Yesterday my friend Immy and I went to Camp Hill to go on the Segways.  You have to be 10 to go on the Segways so we had wanted to do it for ages!  First we were taught how to use them which was really strange and a bit confusing when it was explained to us because you had to use your feet to go forwards and backwards!

To go forwards you put pressure on the front of your feet and then on your heels to go backwards, to stop you just stand straight up with your feet flat.  You use the handle bars to steer to go left or right or turn around in a circle. When we had a go at first it was a bit tricky but it soon became really easy and was really cool fun.  Mummy was really funny as she kept wobbling backwards and forwards- she looked like she was on a bucking bronco!

After practising we set of down a hill towards the glamping field and did a lap round there, it was quite bumpy which was cool and we could go quite fast following the instructor.  Then we headed back through a field which we did free style things like loop the loop and chased each round on the segways.

When we got back to the reception we said to each other ‘That was so much fun’!

By Jemima and Immy

Segway Segway


At this stage your training has either gone well and you are gearing up for the Alf Tupper on 19th October with a certain amount of nervous anticipation, or like me you haven’t really managed to get out as much as you would have liked to, so are not expecting it to be a PB to say the least!

Hats off to those who have already signed up, but there are still places for those who still haven’t got round to it – but do it now!  It’s going to be a really good cross country run set in a glorious private estate, all off road with tree-lined avenues and forest tracks, so I hope you’re looking forward to it!

Remember. your entry fee also includes a portion of fish and chips to enjoy at the finish – just like Alf Tupper would do!



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